How many watts does the Apple 15 support? 20W charging head is the best choice!


Hello everyone, have you been paying attention to the release of the Apple 15 series? This is Apple's latest flagship phone, launched in September 2023, with a completely new design and features that have attracted much attention and discussion. One of the questions that many users are interested in is how many watts of fast charge does the Apple 15 support? Today, I'm going to talk a little bit about that.


Apple officially recommends using 20W charging head

Starting with the iPhone 12 series, Apple cut the charging head in the name of environmental protection, and only the standard charging cable. This makes users want to charge their new iPhone and buy their own compatible charging head! So, how many watts of fast charger should you buy? Apple officially recommends using and standard charging cable charging.


The actual test proves that the iPhone 15 Pro Max supports up to 27W fast charge

In order to test how many watts of fast charge the iPhone 15 supports, there are foreign media bloggers for different power (5W, 12W, 20W, 30W) power adapters for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The charging speed was fully measured.

The test results show that the iPhone 15 Pro Max supports a maximum of 27W fast charge, and more than this power does not have much impact on the charging speed.



In the test, the 5W charging time was 5 hours and 44 minutes; 12W charging time is 4 hours 04 minutes; The 20W charging time is 2 hours 21 minutes; The 30W charging time is 2 hours and 11 minutes. In other words, the difference between 20W and 30W in charging speed is only about 10 minutes. This shows that the charging speed of the iPhone 15 series does not increase linearly with the increase of the charger power, but there is an upper limit, which is about 27W.


The 20W charging head is better for battery health and life

In fact, Apple officially recommends the use of Apple 20W USB phone charger plug, 20W charging head is more suitable for the battery health of the iPhone 15 series. You may not know that high-power chargers will cause certain losses to the battery, resulting in shorter battery life. The 20W charging head can maintain the stability of the battery and extend the service life of the battery.

20W charging head price is favorable, cost-effective

Again the price, 30W charging head, Apple's official price is 249 yuan, 20W is 100 yuan cheaper. According to the above measured results, the difference in charging time between 20W and 30W is only about 10 minutes, and it is necessary to combine your own needs to buy that one.


Sum up

To sum up, the 20W charging head is the best choice for charging the Apple 15 series. It can not only provide fast charging for your phone, but also protect your battery, save you money, and it is very cost-effective.