How much W fast charge does Apple iPhone15 support? Which version of iPhone15 will last 5 years?


The iPhone15 mobile phone was released by Apple in September 2023, and the current price of this mobile phone has fallen to a new low, so there are more users to buy it. It is worth noting that some users do not know so much about the iPhone15, such as how many watts of fast charge this phone supports, may not be very clear. Now, let me tell you more about it.


How many watts of fast charge does Apple iPhone15 support?

According to Apple's website, the phone can be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes, using a power adapter of 20 watts or more. In addition, since the iPhone no longer comes with a charging head, whether it is 20W or more powerful charging head, users need to buy it separately. Like the Apple 20W USB-C charging head, it can be used with the iPhone8 or later models to support fast charging.

You can also use the 20-watt charger to charge the iPad Pro and iPad Air. In terms of details, this power adapter is compatible with a variety of USB-C supported devices. In addition to the 20-watt fast charger, the iPhone15 can be charged with an Apple 35W dual USB-C port power adapter. However, the price of this charging head is more expensive.

Of course, the benefit of the 35W dual USB-C port power adapter is that it lets you charge two devices at the same time. Apple's recommendation is to pair this power adapter with the MacBook Air. You can also use it to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods. So, this charger is also suitable for the iPhone15.


Which version of iPhone15 will last 5 years?

After understanding the charging situation of the iPhone15, let's take a look at how to choose the right version for yourself. As some of you know, the iPhone15 comes with three storage versions: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. If you want five years, my advice is straightforward: choose a 256GB or 512GB version. 128GB is not universal, but for users with general needs, it may also be used for 5 years.But on a wider scale, 256GB and 512GB have a more significant advantage over a five-year period. Because most people can't use the iPhone15 without recording videos, documenting the good life, and not playing games at all, right? Moreover, the iPhone15 rear 48 million pixel main shot +12 million pixel super wide Angle, there is a significant improvement in the shooting strength, if you do not use it to shoot some material, is it not living up to the purpose of the iPhone15 performance enhancement?

In addition, we can judge from the actual use of the machine, chat tool record cache, game data, various App downloads and caching, and usually shooting materials, etc., to put it blunely, they all need large capacity. So, I think the 256GB version should have more advantages, and the 512GB version of the iPhone15 is the "ceiling" of this phone, and naturally it can be used longer.



In the end, the basic premise that the iPhone15 will last for five years has been stated. In fact, the user's subjective factor is also very crucial. In the subjective want to use the iPhone15 for a long time, but without large capacity support.