USB PD3.1 is released


On May 25, 2021, the USB-IF Association released version 2.1 of the USB Type-C Cable and Interface Standard, which updated the section on power supply capability. USB PD3.1 specification will be the original USB PD3.0 content into the Standard Power Range (SPR), the maximum Power remains unchanged at 100W; At the same time, Extended Power Range (EPR for short) is added. The maximum Power is Extended from 100W to 240W.

The EXPANDED power range EPR includes three fixed Voltage levels (28V, 36V and 48V) and three Adjustable Voltage Supply levels (AVS), according to usB-IF.

The maximum current level remains unchanged at 5A; 100-140W power is 28V AVS, voltage range is 15V-28V; More than 140W to 180W power is 36V AVS, voltage range is 15V-36V; More than 180W to 240W is 48V AVS, the voltage range is 15V-48V.

According to the USB PD3.1 standard, USB type-c cables are classified into 20V common cables and 50V EPR cables. If the power output exceeds 100W, not only the 5A Cable of EPR (extended power) needs to be used, but also the SPR can enter the EPR by shaking hands with the EPR specific information between the Source, Sink and Cable. If the cable is Captive cable that is fixed to the charger, only a handshake is required between Source and Sink.